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Organizational Development

Organizational Development, conseuently done, can unfold the real genius of an organization.

Organizational development (OD) is a process in order to enable change in organizations, planfully and systematically – with the aim of increasing the organization’s performance.

The OD approach differs from others mainly in two ways:

(1) The process is designed with the greatest possible participation of the organization members.

So said, organizational development is a participatory approach.

(2) OD takes interactions into account – between individuals, groups, the organization and their environment (competition, technologies, …). And:

A well-designed OD process always leads to proper mix of interventions.

That means, organizational development is also holistic, because the interventions include both the organizational structures and processes, the corporate culture (communication patterns, value structures, power constellations, …), as well as the individual behavior of the organization’s members.

And an essential part of this mix of interventions is:

… Leadership

Leadership-Work and Leadership-Development are part of each OD-Project. 

Leaders are role models in organizations and have therefore a special position. So, Leadership-Development is ONE essential Aspect of each OD, that is always focused. And additionally:

Organisationsentwicklung ist eine der zentralen Top-Level-Führungsaufgaben. 

The CEO or another leading person addicted to OD is the most important developer in the Organization. 

This is why I define my role in the OD or cultural development project as a sparring partner for the internal organizational developer. You know your organization. And what I can add is, besides my professionell and methodological know-how, the view from outside and the ‘systemic freedom’.

I am looking forward to our co-creation, of course already in the very first beginning of your OD-Project. This enables us to plan it together. 

Leadership-Development, Sparring
Leadership task: Organisation Development.

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