Start with whom?

Before you do decide to work with me, I am sure, you will be interested in with who m you will get involved. I am an business economist and have been an entrepreneur for 20 years, 10 years as a manager in the eLearning and software context and 10 years as team and organizational developer. I have degrees in systematic coaching and as a systemic art therapy supervisor. 8 years ago I developed the master’s degree in business and business ethics in Graz and I am currently doing my PhD at the University of Duisburg-Essen in organizational psychology with the aim of developing a “pattern language for the management of organizations beyond predictability”.

Over the years I have acquired a wealth of methods from classic business management like SWOT analysis to various coaching and moderation methods, design thinking and Theory U, the model of 5 worlds and methods from the scientific repertoire. I draw from this fund in my work with organizations and teams and I choose individually what is useful in the concrete case and what is well connected to you. I choose the methods so that you are accompanied making next steps out of your comfort zone, because that’s where learning and change take place.

One more thing: We know from research that our behavior is largely (depending on the study 70% – 95%) controlled by the unconscious. This is particularly important in organizations, because it means: only if you succeed in working WITH the unconscious, change can effectively take place *. For years I have been working on making unconscious processes visible and integrating them into dialogues. So, I am looking forward to accompanying your company not only on the surface, but also deeply, including these unconscious levels.

— * Book recommendation! Edgar Schein “Organizational Culture and Leadership”

Start with why?

For more than 10 years I keep myself busy with the changes in the world of work and for 25 years with examinations on how organizations work better or worse. Yes, organizations and teams are fascinating myself: the interplay of different factors, the complexity, the constant change. The question that drives me, so to speak my “Why” according to Simon Sinek*, is: How can organizations be designed so that they have a good impact on people, the organization itself and the society. This is not really a moral question for me (although it is one, of course), but simply  as a necessity. Our working world, but more than that, our society is in the midst of a major transformation: changed demands for meaning, values, as well as new technologies are the reality in which we find ourselves today. And this has an impact on our ideas about work and our expectations of organizations. Many companies are already aware of this development and report that, today, it is not the usual case, that employees apply to companies, but rather, as one managing director said in an interview: “But now it is often the other way around: The necessity for companies to make a good show and be attractive for employees. “

And if you are not only interested in delivering a good show, but also in orienting your organization or your team in-depth or even in a small first step towards these changes and like to be accompanied, I am looking forward to receive your inquiry.

—— * Book recommendation! Simon Sinek “Start with Why”

And start how?

is self-explanatory, isn't it?


At the beginning there should be a good plan, a procedural model to get from A (is) to B (target).

& creativity

My processes are characterized by agility and creativity along the way.

Variety of methods

A large tool case is always with me, because good methods make things easier.

well prepared hand over

Good documentation is the basis with which you will change your everyday work.

24 hour ...

I will not be available, but during office hours - in the project and also for your request 🙂

You like what you have read on my website and would like to get in touch with me?

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