Research & Project Development

Research, Project Development

And if you look behind, below, above or next to it? What can you see there?

Looking behind the scenes of the obvious instead of just staying at the superficial, learning new things and using them productively, bringing about permanent and profound changes, that make a difference.

That’s what drives me; for personal reasons and of course in my daily work with my customers and their teams and organizations.

Research is therefore an essential part of my work. I am currently doing my PhD at the University of Duisburg-Essen with the aim of developing a pattern language for managing organizations beyond predictability.

In addition, I have (co-) initiated many projects in the context of ‘future of work’-topics in recent years. The institute* I founded is currently involved in an EU project on developing entrepreneurship competences, for example, and I am asked to join a project, setting up a Green Innovation Center.

You are wondering, why I am engaging in such topics and where the connection to my work as a team and organizational developer might be? The answer is:

We can only learn for the future, if we go to and beyond the limits of today's conceivable.

* If you would like to learn more about my research and the connection between research and organizational development, please visit my institute page of incorporate future KG. The site is currently under construction, but can already be reached at: It will be continuously updated and expanded.

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